Grant reporting is crucial to furthering science education and positioning you for future funding.

Complete this Project Report form (under construction) to "sell" your completed project to those who may fund future projects and to those who will duplicate it for their class. When completing all of the sections, use the words that would convince you that this is a worthwhile project that would interest and challenge your students. If in fact, the project did not go as well as planned, suggest ways to improve it.  

  • Project Description: Make it very clear what science was learned by the students, e.g., physics, chemistry, biology, etc. and what was the "hands-on" experience.
  • Project Objectives: Be specific in stating what the students learned. Did they learn how to think deductively or inductively, did they learn how to design experiments, did they learn new skills such as using a balance, a microscope, etc. Give some examples.
  • Materials Used: Provide enough that a teacher trying to duplicate this project would not find out in the middle of the project that a crucial hard to find or long lead time item was missing. Describe any particular outdoor environment that is needed. Give an approximate cost.
  • Procedures:  Provide information on the skills needed by the students in order to do this project. Is there particular preparation required by the teacher. Is this a 1 day project or will it take several hours over several weeks. Provide the information you would want to know if determining if you have the time and the students have the capabilities
  • Evaluation: Be excited, but be honest. We all hope that this was a worthwhile project and the students had fun and are now more interested in science than they were before. However, not all projects go smoothly and different students are turned on by different types of science. If this project really excited most of the class and you really think other teachers should try it, shout out the good news. If on the other hand, the project was ho-hum, but you think you know how to fix it, describe the fix. Maybe, it would have worked better with a different age group